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Is it possible to establish canon in absence of official guidelines?

While discussing yet again Prometheus (in the intent to convince people is not as bad as they think), something interesting came up. While not directly referring to the franchise (since the timeline, like it or not, is pretty clear), the question of what is canon came up to me.  As you might now, sometimes ago I in […]

Is the Nintendo Switch future proof?

We are three weeks in with Nintendo Switch, and, apparently, is sold out and nowhere to be found. According to reports, in fact, the console sale are defined ‘phenomenal’. While the AJ Styles nickname might be an overstatement, the launch was really good for Nintendo. And Zelda: Breath of The Wild, beyond being the highest rated […]

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What is a reboot? The confusion (and abuse) about this term

Recently on reddit I found myself discussing about reboots. Caused by my sharing of the article about what was suppose to be a Matrix reboot (then refuted by the screenwriter himself), me and a user started debating on which movies can be defined a reboot.  In particular, we focused on Jurassic World. To me, this film was never […]

VS Plays The Order: 1886 – Episode II: Inequality among Equals

Welcome to the second episode of VS Plays ‘The Order: 1886’, a game released exclusive for PS4 on February 20th, 2015. ‘The Order: 1886’ is an action adventure third person shooter that take place in an alternative steampunk London in 1886. We take control of Sir Galahad of the Round Table, an order funded to […]

Why the NVIDIA Shield Tablet is still the best tablet out there (N00b firendly article)

The story goes that my iPad 2 was wearing down after a very long life cycle for an Apple portable device (2011-2016, I don’t think they’d be happy according to their usual policy). I was looking for something smaller, more portable and that would be versatile with my request of use. For something really high […]

Is Nintendo Switch going to be a hit – or will it be a swan song?

After a reveal towards the end of 2016, Nintendo finally presented the Nintendo Switch in a long keynote event. As many of you know, this new console has a double function. The main piece of hardware is a tablet with two attachable controllers (called Joy-Cons) at each side, and it comes with a dock in which […]