Ghost in the Shell

Ghost In The Shell Review: the commercial version of the cult Anime is here

Ghost In The Shell is one of the most beloved anime on the face of the earth. The original movie, based on the omonimous manga, was released in 1995, and it was praised for its ambiguity regarding the characters and the mystery of the story. The film was explaining basically nothing but just narrating through […]


Are film franchises and adaptations bad for the industry?

‘Film franchises are a fucking cancer for the industries.’ I read this sentence approximately 15 times a day among comments for some franchise film.   According to a large part of the internet audience, this kind of serialised productions overall hurt the industry due an oversaturation of the market, which ultimately takes away space for […]

Apple Disney

RUMOR: Wall Street says Apple wants to buy The Walt Disney Company

Today, Business Insider dropped a pretty big bomb: Wall Street is talking about the eventuality of Apple investing $200 Billion to buy The Walt Disney Company. The article states that at the moment Apple is literally sitting on that stockpile. The reason why Cupertino’s company is at the very least thinking about this move, can be found in […]

Life cover

Life Review: Gravity meets Alien in an unoriginal yet entertaining Sci-Fi flick

Life is directed by Daniel Espinosa, half Chilean half Swedish filmmaker who is it at his third Hollywood film after 3 Swedish movie and after a quite big European production.  Like his heritage, this movie also seem to be the child of two other sci-fi flicks: Alien, and Gravity. It’s clear why 20 minutes in. In that amount of […]

Justice League

Justice League: trailer and reaction

After a long time waiting, Warner Bros. dropped the Justice League trailer.  Here’s the trailer:  We are going to analyze what is in the trailer. I’m not going to be easy on this. If you read around here, you know I don’t consider Batman v Superman a good movie, despite I might enjoy it every now and then. Too […]

King Arthur Cover

Summer 2017 at the movies, Part 1: May

Summer starts around the end of June and ends at the end of September. Somehow, Hollywood thinks that Summer starts in May. If you notice, every trailer that says ‘Next Summer’ usually ends up being released sometimes between May and August, as September is already considered Fall. While most people know about this, I still found […]

Disney cover

All Disney live-action adaptations in the making

With Beauty and The Beast making lots of money, Disney once again proved that doing live-action remakes of its animation classics is a good idea. At least economically.  With Belle’s story probably end up to a whopping $1 Billion dollar plus box office performance, Jungle Book came close last year, while Maleficent arguably did more than expected given a marketing […]

Canon cover

Is it possible to establish canon in absence of official guidelines?

While discussing yet again Prometheus (in the intent to convince people is not as bad as they think), something interesting came up. While not directly referring to the franchise (since the timeline, like it or not, is pretty clear), the question of what is canon came up to me.  As you might now, sometimes ago I in […]

Death Note Cover

Netflix’s Death Note Trailer and analysis: what works and what doesn’t

Not so long ago I re-posted a piece discussing adaptations, particularly focusing on Japanese properties.  Today, in a totally surprising move, Netflix released the first teaser trailer for Death Note, the long awaited American adaptation of the manga from Tsugubi Ohba and Takeshi Obata. You can watch the trailer below: Now, I’m familiar with the story since […]