Ghost in the Shell

Ghost In The Shell Review: the commercial version of the cult Anime is here

Ghost In The Shell is one of the most beloved anime on the face of the earth. The original movie, based on the omonimous manga, was released in 1995, and it was praised for its ambiguity regarding the characters and the mystery of the story. The film was explaining basically nothing but just narrating through […]

Life cover

Life Review: Gravity meets Alien in an unoriginal yet entertaining Sci-Fi flick

Life is directed by Daniel Espinosa, half Chilean half Swedish filmmaker who is it at his third Hollywood film after 3 Swedish movie and after a quite big European production.  Like his heritage, this movie also seem to be the child of two other sci-fi flicks: Alien, and Gravity. It’s clear why 20 minutes in. In that amount of […]

Kong: Skull Island Review, the King is back in a stylish thrill-ride

There’s no secret that Kong: Skull Island had nothing in common with the three previous versions (1933, 1976, 2005) but the ape’s name and the location’s name. Everything else is completely different and somewhat fresh to us, probably not so much to Japanese audience, as they made multiple films with Kong either as a protagonist or as […]

Beauty and the beast cover

Beauty and the Beast Review: so much hype for an average adaptation

If this version of Beauty and the Beast had its director curing the first hour and 40 minutes with the same inventive they had for the extravagant third act, we would probably talk about a movie for the ages. Goes without saying we’re not.  The first act of the movie completely lacks the mystery that made the opening […]

Great Wall review cover

The Great Wall Review: a decent yet useless showcase of Hollywood/China synergy

I always had some problems with The Great Wall since its very first (and most popular) trailer. If you remember well, the trailers were showing China at war on a battlefield around the great wall. Than Matt Damon shows up with some voice over in American accent, and the paw of a monster does as well. […]

Logan Review: a great farewell to an iconic movie character

  I watched Logan a couple of weeks ago. Despite I’m in Italy for the time being, I found a multiplex chain that actually screens movies in English (as many of you know, since fascism times every foreign production is dubbed in our language), and obviously this is the kind of movie I really want to watch […]

Royal Rumble 2017 Review, the hype didn’t totally paid off

Finally, the Royal Rumble passed on. Despite all the hype, the event almost disappointed. Yes, having great matches such as both world title bouts did help that ‘almost’, but the lack of real surprises during the rumble itself, as well as wrong choices, brought down the overall event. Anyways, let’s rate! (I’m going to review […]

Split Review, M. Night is back (almost) with a bang

Everyone knows about Split. Like every Jason Blum’s produced movie, the marketing campaign explains the core subject clearly. A trend that most promotions tend not to follow, unfortunately.  Anyways, I need to explain the plot, for review’s sake. Kevin is a guy who suffers Dissociative Identity Disorder, manifested through 23 different personalities, who abducts 3 girls to […]

Your Name - Banner

Your Name Review, the highest grossing anime of all time is also 2016 best movie

Kimi no na wa. This is the original title of Your Name, easily the best movie 2016 and, despite a Los Angeles release in December, shamefully ignored by the Academy. La La Land frontrunner’s status is a consequence of the lack of knowledge about this movie. Yet, this film teaches Hollywood how to make stories properly. And the fact is […]