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Is it possible to establish canon in absence of official guidelines?

While discussing yet again Prometheus (in the intent to convince people is not as bad as they think), something interesting came up. While not directly referring to the franchise (since the timeline, like it or not, is pretty clear), the question of what is canon came up to me.  As you might now, sometimes ago I in […]

Reboot Cover

What is a reboot? The confusion (and abuse) about this term

Recently on reddit I found myself discussing about reboots. Caused by my sharing of the article about what was suppose to be a Matrix reboot (then refuted by the screenwriter himself), me and a user started debating on which movies can be defined a reboot.  In particular, we focused on Jurassic World. To me, this film was never […]

Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon Biopic: film or Mini Series?

There’s no secret I’m a WWE fan. I’m literally part of the WWE Universe, I’m subscribed to the WWE Network, I listen to a bunch of podcast and last but absolutely not the least I keep up with its weekly programming. If you’re asking, I prefer SmackDown to Raw, and not only because of AJ […]


How Hollywood should handle anime/manga adaptations

In honor of the upcoming release of Ghost In The Shell, here’s a piece I wrote around a year ago about Hollywood should handle the adaptation of Japanese media. I had the idea after the new of Legendary buying the movie rights of Pokèmon broke. After all this time, I feel it still actual. Hope y’all […]

INTERVIEW – XCINEX wants to bring brand new movies at home

This interview with XCINEX was made by me and Gaurang Bhat in Hollywood, CA in June 2016. It was published in August 2016 with the relaunch of the Virtual Screen, unfortunately the website was shut down for a while. Here’s the integral interview, enjoy! VS: Virtual Screen CA: Cihan Atkin  YZ: Yazan Khalaf ___________________________________________________________ VS: […]

Why Scream – The TV Series is one of the best (and clever) productions out there

It’s well known that MTV, alongside the Weinstein and the late Wes Craven, produced a TV-Series based Scream. And it’s well known that people were pissed off, because, you know, remake sucks (or at least the web-sphere thinks that and makes you an outcast if you don’t), although this time having the same channel that […]

NXT to WWE: how they see the process

For some people, one of the most upsetting thing happened in the last months in WWE programming, is how they treated part of NXT talent who jumped into the main roster. First names that come up are Tyler Breeze or Adam Rose, but I would put Bo Dallas in the mix. Although the vast majority has […]

Media Centers – The best alternatives for a personal Netflix and Spotify

So everyone is into Netflix and similar thing nowadays. Pay 7,99$ a month (sooner $1 more expensive), a couple of bucks more for a 4K experience, et voilà, you have a big fat library of movies and TV series ready to be streamed directly on you screen. Some people though complain about the actual quality […]

How Roman Reigns can save WrestleMania (and WWE)

  Prelude: I’m not a Roman Reigns fan but I don’t dislike him, especially at the point to boo the shit out of him every time he does something. A phenomenon that I hate viscerally, because the guy no matter his in ring/entertainment capabilities (which admittedly are not top notch) puts 110% every time, which […]

WWE: wrong stories + forced characters = ratings down

I’m a pro-wrestling fan since I was 12, so for 10 years straight I watched as much as I could between school before, and my passion-turned-to-job for movies now (which is culminating in university graduation the next year). To the people criticizing this passion, I’ve always answered: you don’t watch it, I have a source […]