WrestleMania 33 Preview: are Bray Wyatt and Brock Lesnar going to be World Champions after Sunday?

Despite being a tad underwhelming compared to the teased prospects we had, I’m still excited to watch WrestleMania. Coming from Orlando, Florida 9 years after the splendid 24 edition, we have two world championship matches, two women’s championship multi-contenders bouts, a yet again triple threat tag team ladder match, three full timers fighting part timers, […]

Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon Biopic: film or Mini Series?

There’s no secret I’m a WWE fan. I’m literally part of the WWE Universe, I’m subscribed to the WWE Network, I listen to a bunch of podcast and last but absolutely not the least I keep up with its weekly programming. If you’re asking, I prefer SmackDown to Raw, and not only because of AJ […]

Royal Rumble 2017 Review, the hype didn’t totally paid off

Finally, the Royal Rumble passed on. Despite all the hype, the event almost disappointed. Yes, having great matches such as both world title bouts did help that ‘almost’, but the lack of real surprises during the rumble itself, as well as wrong choices, brought down the overall event. Anyways, let’s rate! (I’m going to review […]

Royal Rumble 2017 Preview: who’s going to main event WrestleMania?

As every January of every year, the WWE closes it with the show that kick offs the road to WrestleMania: the Royal Rumble.  While in the last few years this meant knowing beforehand who was going to win (due to leaks or logic storyline), we finally have a bunch of superstars all on the frontline […]

The 5 most unpredictable finishers in WWE history

Everyone knows that in pro-wrestling the finishers are the signature that everyone remembers his favorite wrestlers with.  Pedigree, Sweet Chin Music, Attitude Adjustment/FU, Ankle Lock, Tombstone Piledriver, Powerbomb… I could go on and on. We remember them because they are spectacular to see, others because made you feel the pain by just looking at them. Others […]

VS Whenever #2 – Rumble glory

And there it is. Earlier last week, some Vegas bookmakers released the final Royal Rumble odds for the potential winner of the actual Royal Rumble match, which this time around was for the WWE Title, held by Roman Reigns. Now, as John Cena (who is automatically a favorite in every match he takes part in) was ruled out […]

VS Whenever #1 – Globin' the Oscars

So, first of all welcome to my first editorial of VS Whenever. VS is the abbreviation of the website name, Virtual Screen (duh), and whenever means, yeah, whenever. I want it to make a weekly appointment, but I don’t think it’s going to happen, so I put whenever. So, last Sunday the Golden Globes took […]