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How to be ready for PS4 WS-37397-9 Error (and what you need to do to fix it)

The PS4 WS-37397-9 error is one of the most annoying and frustrating ‘feature’ about the PlayStation online experience.

To those unfamiliar with error WS-37397-9, it is basically an IP related issue, as Sony services block it with apparent no turning back. Because of this, consoles who are primarily activated with the account and accounts themselves get locked (making the whole download library unavailable), making them inaccessible from anywhere in the world. It’s a pretty common issue, even though not too widespread.

I had this error not too long ago, and I successfully managed to get through it, with Sony restoring my access within one week. Yet, some people lamented that Sony customer service blaming the ISP, the ISP blaming Sony, and not getting anywhere, having everything locked away forever.

From my point of view, this issue is not really clear, to the users nor to the customer service. While I had this problem while I was in Italy, is worth noting that customer services more often than not do not hire people who have any familiarity with the product, and as a result, we talk with someone who’s just following guidelines without understanding anything of what we say more often than not. Luckily for me, my case was a ‘not’ time.

Of course, you could prevent any of this. The IP is blocked whenever Sony systems detect that one (or more) activity from your address is violating their terms and condition, or is potentially malicious. However (there’s always a ‘however’), sometimes Sony systems overreact or are actually mistaken, and it could be for multiple reasons. Also, even though I have not confirmed this, you can get error WS-37397-9 if someone tries to steal/hack your account.

The point of this article is to take advantage of my experience with this issue and offer some guidelines to prepare yourself for this error.

Important: open an account from your PS3/PS4/PSVita if you haven’t yet. One thing that Sony custom service will ask is to give the account name which was activated directly on one of your devices. I guess this is done in order to verify the device’s and IP address’ ownership. If you don’t have one, they’ll not continue the procedure. Unfortunately, if you bought a second-hand device, this will not be fixable.

Also, check this link, as it might be helpful, even though it wasn’t for me.

Anyways, let’s get to it.

If you have a dynamic IP, ask your ISP to change it. This is the most common way ISPs assign IP addresses. This generally changes by shutting down your router for 15 minutes and turning it back on, but it’s not always the case. Also, there’s the chance you have been assigned a blacklisted IP, hence your PSN accounts were locked down not because of you. If you happen to have one, call your ISP and ask for a change. If you have a public IP (like me), there’s no need to do this (even though your ISP could give you more information about the issue).

Get your device’s model and serial number. This is a very important point and strictly related to the warning. The model but most importantly serial number will be required to start the procedure.

Get your account’s details. Account nickname, email, name attached to it. Pretty straightforward, and pretty obvious. Of course, needs the account needs to have been opened on your console (and is set as primary to it).

Write down the error number. Please, remember this. I know it looks dumb, but some people just forget to write it down and communicate it. Once again, the error number is WS-37397-9.

Do not use the phone customer care. I mean, you can, but since is the most popular go-to for most people, it is going be pretty hard to get through it, unless you call in the morning (like I did), and you may end up talking to someone who is not going to do anything apart from reading guidelines. Instead, try to use their customer service on Twitter or Facebook through a private message. Write them every information you have: the error, your account, serial number and device model. Most likely they won’t answer you right away, they could even take a couple of hours, but because it’s not a very popular solution, you have more chances to have someone who actually understands what you are talking about to assist you. Alternatively, you could try to use the chat service, which will have someone chatting with you on a computer instead of on the phone, but my past experience with this kind of services are not too different from phone customer services if not for the immediate assistance. Once you finished your call/chat or you got your message answered on Twitter/Facebook, you’ll be given a reference number for your inquiry. You’ll most likely never use it, but they could give you a call afterward, so just keep it with you.

Wait. Unfortunately, they are not going to unlock your IP address in a matter of minutes, nor hours. It will rather take days, even weeks (as some people report on the web). You can’t speed up the process nor check where the investigation is at. You just need to be patient.

Enjoy your account(s) back… or I’m sorry for your lossAfter the investigation, there are two cases: you either get your IP address successfully unlisted, hence getting all online functionality restored and all your accounts back, or, unfortunately, Sony won’t solve your issue and you’ll have lost everything. Yes, this will be a night or day outcome, so I suggest you get psychologically ready for the worst case scenario as it could get pretty effing nasty if you lose everything.

That’s about it. This is all my info about this very painful and frustrating WS-37397-9 error.

Please let us know if you had any experience with this error and if you successfully solved the problem, or tragically lost everything.