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Adam Sandler Netflix’s comedy ‘The Week Of’ gets a new trailer

And, I have to be honest, it looks pretty good.

Netflix released a new trailer for The Week Of, which offers an extended look at the comedy starring Adam Sandler and Chris Rock.

Here’s the Netflix synopsis:

The Week Of tells the story of a devoted, middle class father (Adam Sandler) determined to pay for his daughter’s wedding despite the prodding of the wealthier father of the groom (Chris Rock). A series of calamities forces the dads (and their families) to come together and endure the longest week of their lives.

This is the fourth and final film in the first Sandler’s Happy Madison deal with the streaming giant. The deal was renewed last year, so the collaboration between the two parties won’t be ending anytime soon.

The film is directed by Robert Smigel, whose most famous work is Triumph the Insulting Comic Dog, a character you might remember mostly to be associated with Eminem (the Detroit rapper actually impersonated the character in the track and subsequent music video Ass Like That). Smigel also co-wrote the film with Sandler.

Alongside Chris Rock and Adam Sandler, the film will star long-time co-star Steve Buscemi and SNL-alumni Rachel Dratch.