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Avengers: Infinity War Review


10 years ago, it’s when my road to Avengers: Infinity War starts.

I remember going to the main movie theater in downtown Milan to watch Iron Man. My friends and I were excited about it because we loved superhero movies, but we didn’t think anything about it as only two franchises were interesting enough up to that point.Avengers: Infinity War - On Titan

We got out with the awareness of having watched one of the best movies in the genre, and we didn’t stay for the post-credit scenes.

The scene I missed saw Nick Fury telling Tony… fuck it, here’s the transcript of the scene:

Nick Fury: “I am Iron Man”. You think you’re the only superhero in the world? Mr. Stark, you’ve become part of a bigger universe. You just don’t know it yet.

Tony Stark: Who the hell are you?

Nick Fury: Nick Fury. Director of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Tony Stark: Ah.

Nick Fury: I’m here to talk to you about the Avenger Initiative.

Four years later, The Avengers drops, stating the dominance (present and future) of the Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise.

Ten years and 18 movies led us to Avengers: Infinity War.

3646 days…

…completely worth the wait.

As most of you know, this 19th installment in the Marvel Cinematic Univers sees most of our favorite superheroes coming together to fight Thanos, the Mad Titan who wants to collect the six Infinity Stones to ‘balance the universe.’

To kick this thing off: everyone who thought that this movie would suffer by a full cast will be pleasantly disappointed… for the most part.

One of the movie’s issue is indeed the fact a small number of characters don’t get much screentime. Luckily, there’s barely any time for talking, so we have no problems accepting this.

The movie is a technical marvel (no pun intended).

I personally never seen such a realistic looking CGI. Thanos is probably the most realistic motion capture character ever made, and overall if the Academy really won’t award the Oscar for Best SFX to this movie, they will confirm they have a useless bias against this franchise.

Speaking of Thanos…


Going in to make Infinity War, Josh Brolin had some concerns (probably sparked by past MCU installments) regarding Thanos presence into the narrative of the film (and probably the next one as well). He then said he was thrilled it wasn’t the case.

Avengers Infinity War - Cap vs ThanosYou see, when the two brothers said that Infinity War was Thanos’ movie, they weren’t lying. The Mad Titan steals the show from the get-go, with a scene that establishes both his scale of power and ruthlessness. But that’s not all. Along the likes of Loki, Kilmonger, and Ultron, Thanos has indeed reasonings for what he does. They are distorted, sick, but horribly understandable.

He is arguably more human than the Avengers, and that’s why he indeed is one terrifying (and undeniably terrific) villain.

The narrative structure of the movie is top notch. Although we jump back and forth different scenarios, it works flawlessly, as it doesn’t feel at all clunky or confusing. Granted: you’ll have a lot of information thrown at you, so be sure to keep up.

Avengers: Infinity War is a thrill ride that makes the audience deal with a lot of information, but also a lot of emotions: you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll be scared to witness what will happen to your favorite heroes.

And it’s precisely what we asked for, in a long time.


Don’t get me wrong: Avengers: Infinity War isn’t a perfect movie. There’s some exposition, there are some convenient facts put there (the characters know useful stuff, but we don’t know how they know it types of things) to keep the flow going, and maybe not all narrative parts work equally.

But I waited for this movie for 10, long years. And while it is just the Season Finale, I can’t do anything but praise and love as much as I can Avengers: Infinity War.

Maybe down the line, I will change my position, but for now, let me enjoy the moment, while I start waiting for the sequel (there’s no title reveal in the credits).

PS: see it in IMAX. The 3D is nothing short of spectacular.

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