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Deadpool 2 Review

Raunchier, funnier, gorier... and 'seriouser'?

Does Deadpool 2 suffer from the sequel syndrome? The answer is no.

But let’s take things slowly.

First: I apologize for this late review, but I had some stuff to take care of, and as a consequence, I had to neglect the blog for a while. I’m preparing to relaunch with more contents, so stay tuned!

Anyways, back to Deadpool 2.

Deadpool 2 - CableThe movie, to me, is pretty much success because it met my expectations. Without exceeding them, of course, but it still fit them.

For starters, it fixes one of the issues of the first installment. Despite at first, the audience overwhelmingly received the movie, after some time many of us realized it was just a silly superhero flick. It had the same themes and structure of the broadest exponents of the genre. Everything that was unique where just some jokes, which in the end didn’t influence the movie at all.

Jokes fill up Deadpool 2. However, not only they are better placed, paced, and written, but at times they have a direct influence on the plot. Sure, it’s just a small percentage, but it still gives some relevancy.

This time, they go all out with D’s silliness, and at times they get very, very dark. Of course, this isn’t a problem, if it wasn’t for the fact that here in Italy there’s no Rated-R attached to this movie. [The film commission has censorship, but for some reason, they decided not to apply it].

Such problem, of course, is also marked by the extreme goriness and cursing in the movie. Again, you shouldn’t get me wrong: I proudly (sort of) think both are glorious, but again, it reminded me the Italian censorship should’ve stepped up.

Strangely, there’s no complaint at the moment. I guess it’s luck, right?

Anyway, back to Deadpool 2.

The story is somewhat sillier, but it still is very derivative for the genre. Nonetheless, because of the jokes and taking full advantage of the characters peculiarity, it still can be its own thing, mostly because Deadpool’s extreme silliness allows for ridiculous things in the end, as you’ll see.

It also manages to be serious, given they give a  glimpse (in certain moments) about what it means to be Deadpool, as well as the whole themes surrounding Firefist.

Deadpool 2- Deadpool drivingThis installment is also better directed. Sure, maybe it is because the producers doubled the budget(give or take), but there’s a genuine improvement even in dramatic scenes, as well as how the characters deliver the jokes.

There’s nothing much to say about the performances. We already knew Ryan Reynolds IS Deadpool, and we already knew Thanos- ehm, Josh Brolin is a badass SOB (or a perfect fit to portray such characters), we didn’t realize how jacked he was.

As Ryan said, probably this is the last Deadpool solo film we’ll see, as narratively it seems difficult to build another story. He might be right, so there’s nothing much left to say but wait for the X-Force movie Fox promised us a while back.

Disney permitting, of course.


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