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Justice League Review

The DCEU missed yet another opportunity.

Justice League

I want to start this review by saying that I really wanted to like this movie. Sure, my expectations were low given the production (Snyder’s tragedy aside), nevertheless was hoping for the best.  But as the saying goes: hope for the best, prepare for the worst. I did just that.

Justice League is the fifth installment of the DCEU franchise. It follows a good but controversial movie (Man of Steel), a confused mess (Batman v Superman), an extremely bad film (Suicide Squad) and what I could define a good but extremely overrated movie (Wonder Woman

Justice League is DCEU’sThe Avengers – even though some fanboys are denying this for some reason. It’s not a nice thing to say, but this pales compared to the 2012 Marvel Studios juggernaut. 

For starters, the only good pieces of visuals are in the beginning – I’d say the first 15 minutes. Then, everything becomes a mess even there.

Storywise, most of it is pretty lazy.

The premise has one giant plot hole – the motherboxes wake up because the Kryptonian is dead, despite they waited 5000 years to do wake back up and Supes revealed himself only for 18 months.

The way they bring everyone together is the same: Batman and Wonder Woman go and recruit them. Only one refuses except when he sees the actual peril and changes his mind.

The way they revive Superman also is lazy because it’s basically recycling what happened in the previous movie, but also denying what happened in the very last frames of BvS.

Aquaman is completely and totally useless. He’s there to balance body shots out with Gal Gadot. Plot-wise, you can take him out of the movie and nothing changes.

Flash is lacking any backstory as well, but because he was funny, I think they kept his screentime intact. We still don’t care about him, but we honestly get some genuine laughs out of him.

Cyborg is suffering because he clearly should have been the protagonist of the story. He’s the one tied the most with the motherboxes (he’s basically a product of one) and is the only one who’s still learning about his powers. What we get is actually that but with the wrong screentime, editing and writing.

This Batman is nothing like what we saw in Batman v Superman. He physically is at the beginning, but afterward, he’s just trying to be the darker version of RDJ’s Tony Stark. Sorry, but that’s true.

Wonder Woman kicks her time off great when she foils a terroristic attack in London – she’s very badass, way more than she was in her own movie. After that, though, she feels underpowered for some reason.

Steppenwolf is basically a re-write of Malekith from Thor: The Dark World minus the good make up. The plan is a mess, the execution of it is a mess, his army is a mess too. He doesn’t feel invincible at all.

I don’t want to comment too much about the CGI. It’s extremely bad, I can’t understand how they did not use makeup and prostethics for Steppenwolf. Also, you totally notice how they CGIed out Cavill’s mustache.

I don’t like the design related to Atlantis. It looks too much like the ones from Power Rangers earlier this year – epecially regarding the costumes.

What pissed me off the most is that they destroyed what they did with Superman since Man of Steel. I’m not a fan of the movie, but I found the rendition of Superman being conceptually right for our time. Here, when he gets back, after a (poorly executed) assessment period, he starts cracking jokes… and, yeah, save the day.

Are there things I liked? Of course.

As I said, everything about Flash (minus the backstory) works pretty well. Ezra Miller does a terrific job and takes advantage of perhaps the only good lines in the entire script. Also, the way he faces Superman the first time is the best thing of the entire movie.

I liked  Denny Elfman’s soundtrack. This opinion is rather unpopular, but while it’s not very memorable it worked pretty well to emphasize what happened on screen. And that is something that was definitely needed.

The Justice League cartoon show feeling is overall a good thing, but it’s not well utilized and generally speaking not good enough.

I didn’t find much sense in the post-credit scenes, though. The mid-credit one is cool, but, thinking about it, completely useless. The last one is cool for WHO is in it, rather than what they are teasing.

Fortunately, though, the movie is not boring, so that’s something to consider about. And overall I even enjoyed my time watching it, but that doesn’t make it a good movie.

I perfectly know how the movie suffered from all the corporate changes – after all the whole DCEU did. Nevertheless, this could have been better – SHOULD have been better.