BREAKING – Virtual Screen is joining Twitch and YouTube with VSTV

Virtual Screen was created with the intention to provide its users with information and opinions about the entertainment industry.

Although the userbase it’s still pretty small (and if you ask me undeservingly too small), I’m proud to announce that in the following days we will complete our offering with video content on both YouTube and Twitch.

Everyone obviously knows YouTube, the worldwide leader video sharing website owned by Google, but quite a bit of you might not know what Twitch.

Twitch is a live-streaming platform owned by Amazon, and it’s the leader for gameplay live-streaming.

If you’re thinking what we think you’re thinking, that’s correct: we are going to start live streaming games. We are going to stream any types of games, form online shooters to single player adventures.

And when it will come down to single player adventures, the streams will be cut down to form a story and will be uploaded to YouTube, so that everyone, especially those who look down the medium (considering it inferior), will be able to appreciate this way of narration.

So far, the schedule for live-streaming it’s not yet set. However, we’re pleased to announce right away that the first game that we will stream will be…

(drum roll)

VSTV - South ParkIndeed we will be starting with what it is the most politically incorrect game on the market: South Park: The Fractured But Whole! Wordplay aside, we’re excited to share the experience of such game with you guys!

But that’s not the only game we will let you experience with us guys. We’ll also stream our online multiplayer adventure in Star Wars: Battlefront II. Pretty cool, huh?

Will we limit ourselves to that? No.

In addition to that, we will also start a weekly podcast. We will cover everything: movies, tv, gaming, pro-wrestling if it fits.

And, on top of that, we’ll offer a selection of short films. Vengeance (directed by our founder Luca Ripamonti) it’s already available on-demand.

As we said, the plan is to continue providing content as often as possible. Keep following us on Twitter, Facebook, and the other social media channels, as well as here at VirtualScreen.Net, to receive a nearly immediate update on the content!

And, please, start following us on out two new channels (click on the logos to get re-directed on the pages):

Well, that’s all folks! I’ll keep you posted! And keep reading VirtualScreen!