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WWE Elimination Chamber 2018 Review

Good flow, good performances. Wasn't boring.

The second PPV of 2018 and last Raw-exclusive show was, as expected, a step-back from last month’s Royal Rumble. Nevertheless, Elimination Chamber managed to be very entertaining.

For starters, it was a good idea to start with an Elimination Chamber and finish with the other.

The Women started this time around, and it was very entertaining, with a well-told story. Mandy Rose has again set the record for first ever women elimination (the same happened last month at the Royal Rumble), and anyways Alexa Bliss retained.

WWE Elimation Chamber 2018 - Sasha, Alexa and BayleAs I said, it was well managed: Bayley and Sonya Deville started, the first to come in was Mandy Rose, then Sasha Banks, who formed an alliance with her hugging friend, then Mickie James. Baysha (see what I did there?) managed to eliminate everyone before Alexa entered the Chamber as last.

As we were expecting, Sasha turned on Bayley, who this time around retaliated, but cost her the match as Alexa pinned her with a sudden roll-up. After a good exchange between the champion and Banks (including a spectacular Twisted Bliss off the top of a pod), Alexa deservedly retained – after which she cut one of the best promos ever. That promo, alongside the great reactions from the audience, proves why she is the champion.

The Tag Team titles match was ok, I’m honestly not sold on Titus Worldwide, especially since Apollo Crews is on another level compared to his tag team partner. Wasn’t a bad match, had a good flow and it played on the idea of new team vs veteran team. Sheamus and Cesaro picked up an easy win. Hopefully, they’ll defend their titles, again, in a Tag Team match.

Afterwards, we had Nia Jax vs Asuka, with the stipulation that if Nia picked up the win she would be added to whatever championship match the Empress of Tomorrow decides to fight for.

This was actually a really good match, booked perfectly. It was even, action-packed, and both women looked strong. The idea of having Asuka pick up a roll-up victory was smart. The most moment though happened when Nia put Asuka through the barricades like Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns, Goldberg or Braun Strowman do to their opponents from time to time. It was awesome and the “Holy Shit!” chant started going.

Matt Hardy – excuse me, WOKEN Matt Hardy vs Bray Wyatt was probably the worst match on the card. Not that I was bored or anything, it was relatively quick and painless, but I think Bray needs some character modifications. At this moment he’s very stall, and I don’t see him as into his job as he was only 365 days ago.Yeah, Matt picked the win.

Side note: someone in the audience brought beach balls, and the WHOLE audience started ignoring Matt and Bray. Whoever are these people are, they are disrespectful scums who should go ef themselves.

Back to the show, Ronda signed her contract.

WWE Elimation Chamber 2018 - Ronda Rousey puts Triple H through the tableShe even cut a promo, and, while I genuinely thinks she is already able to cut something if she wanted to, I think her distance from a live-audience for such a long-time, alongside a new environment, might have played with her emotions – actually, some moments she looked like to be about to break down.

They, of course, started to build up her WrestleMania match, as Kurt Angle revealed that Triple H and Stephanie signed her to ‘own her’ after what she did to them at WrestleMania 31. I was hoping for Shane McMahon coming in counter-offering a SmackDown contract, but oh well. And, also, it’s pretty clear The Rock didn’t get the greenlight from Disney.

She put Triple H through a table, though, which was pretty cool. Her staredowns are frightening, also.

And finally, the Main Event – the Elimination Chamber match to determine the #1 Contender for the Universal Title at WrestleMania.

WWE Elimation Chamber 2018 - Roman reignsThe ending was predictable, as well the whole booking. Granted, it wasn’t boring to watch Braun Strowman dominate the whole thing, eliminating every competitor but Roman, getting 20 finishers and getting pinned at the 21st, but the ending kinda ruined it. Very few people want to watch Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns again. No one. Strowman destroying Reigns after the match might be just an excuse, or maybe we’ll have a Triple Threat? Nah.

Regarding Cena, I’m pretty sure he will go against Taker because his storyline is ‘I want to go to WrestleMania no matter what’, and, if you can’t be in a title match… Most likely his Fast Lane setting will be ‘Undertaker answering John Cena challenge at WM’.

Overall, I thought Elimination Chamber 2018 was entertaining enough, with good performances and good stories. Hopefully, they’ll find something to do with some superstars by the time WrestleMania comes.