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The 5 most unpredictable finishers in WWE history

Everyone knows that in pro-wrestling the finishers are the signature that everyone remembers his favorite wrestlers with.  Pedigree, Sweet Chin Music, Attitude Adjustment/FU, Ankle Lock, Tombstone Piledriver, Powerbomb… I could go on and on....


WrestleMania & fallout reactions

So, after Batman v Superman, there was WrestleMania, WWE biggest and most important event of the year. As a WWE fanatic, I wait for this event almost as I wait for the World Cup final....


VS Whenever #2 – Rumble glory

And there it is. Earlier last week, some Vegas bookmakers released the final Royal Rumble odds for the potential winner of the actual Royal Rumble match, which this time around was for the WWE Title, held by...