McGregor vs UFC – Why Conor has the upper hand (and WWE is part of the reasons)

Luca Ripamonti

Filmmaker of 23 years old, gamer since the dawn of time. Crazy about football (the real one), basketball and pro-wrestling.

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  • You forgot one detail; he dosent know how to wrestle wwe style. To be able to do all the acrobatic stunts those guys do takes years of training, I would have thought.

    • lukeripa

      I understand you point. It doesn’t necessarily take years. Pro-wrestlers are able to adapt. Of course he will have to train on the long run. But he can start with half the training and the other talent will adapt by consequence. Another way could be have him as a on screen character, even regular, and build up to his in-ring debut. It’s doable.

  • Well I hope you are right and he gets put back on UFC 200.

    • lukeripa

      I’m actually more of a WWE fan (as a filmmaker I enjoy the creative process and its outcome then an actual fight), and I see him very well in the pro-wrestling world. That said, at 27 I think he should stick to MMA, making the jump later on (talking about 34/35 yo).

  • JassyJane

    Wow, this badly need proofreading to be taken seriously..

    • lukeripa

      Talking about the grammar (can’t afford an editor right now) or the content?

  • Pat

    You need more than a proofreader sorry mate. The grammar is horrible in parts, but the content is fanciful. McGregor is a Martial Artist. He wouldnt move to WWE because it’s not a real fight. It’s entertainment… He wants to lift the game of martial arts so that those that come after him are able to make a big payday. A move like that would be treacherous and he is a man that sticks to his principles. I think youve let your love of WWE cloud your judgement

    • lukeripa

      My point more than he would actually move, it’s that, in a capitalistic world UFC lives in (like any other sport league/company), WWE is a possibility. Dana, as a business man, should take that in consideration when he decide to be the Alpha dog with the biggest draw in the company’s history. Mostly because we know Vince McMahon would make a offer no one, even McGregor, could refuse. Did it in the past, he would do it again. Plus, Conor, beyond Twitter, showed interest (more as a fan I suppose) towards pro-wrestling. And all characteristics the irish fighter has (look, draw, public speaking, age) make him a very succulent talent to sign at Stamford. Overall, it could have been a possibility.

      And I think one day it may become true if Conor succeed to keep his popularity at these levels.