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Suicide Squad: what's going on?



I’m gonna be honest: I’m not that familiar with the Suicide Squad concept, never read a comic book where this team is this protagonist. Plus, I don’t like Arrow, so I didn’t watch the episodes where the suicide squad appeared. All this to say: I just knew a group with this name existed, but I didn’t have any actual knowledge, and pretty much I still don’t.

However, I have a more than just superficial knowledge about the DC Universe, and of course I’m aware what Warner Bros. is doing with all their DC properties to catch up with Marvel (surprisingly not trying to hide this fact too much). So, we have a lot of DC movies coming out from here ’til 2020, and for now we have just one movie already released (the not-so-much-acclaimed Man Of Steel back in ’13) and just one which promotion started but release has been played around so much: first set for a 2015 release, then a May 2016 one, then, because it was the same day of Captain America: Civil War, pulled for a March 2016 window. So, yeah, March is when we are gonna get the second chapter of the DC Cinematic Universe: Batman v Superman.

But anyway, this article is about the Suicide Squad film, directed by David Ayer with an August 2016 release.

The movie is villain-centric, the first in the comic-book genre. It has a really unconventional group of superheroes, including Killer Croc (hoping that won’t be ridiculous), and apparently they will have a problem with the Joker. Briefly: more or less the same superficial concept of Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy, but with more people, more mature, more realistic (but Killer Croc…), and, hopefully, a better villain for this villains. Overall, though, I still don’t have an idea about it, if to be excited or be scared of the potential failure, for now I’m slightly with the second one. (To be fair, I’m not that excited for Batman v Superman either, mostly because the trailer is really good but it concentrates to a part of the movie that will clearly last for a little-to-medium time, and I hope they won’t solve everything with just a ‘You’re cool, bro’).

Anyway, what we mostly saw on Internet (the cons of shooting in big cities like Toronto), is not that promising. Of course, they are totally out of context, we don’t know what happens before that scene and we don’t really know what that scene itself is about. So, I’m gonna rant about what we see just superficially… mostly.

  1. Joker has a car?!
    This is mostly annoying. The car looks like taken out from 2 Fast 2 Furious, painted violet and gave to the Joker to drive. Not saying the Joker shouldn’t drive… but should he be driving a personalized car? Because, lets be honest, how realistic could be that he found a car that exactly matches his colors? None. Anyhow, the car looks tacky, too much. By the way, this scene could be part of the rumored flashback that will be shown in BvS, so we’ll see. Still, too freaking tacky, and denatures Joker independent criminal. Unless they establish the Joker has huge following…
  2. Killer Croc
    The make-up doesn’t look convincing. Firstly, introducing Killer Croc into a universe that is suppose to be grittier compared to Marvel, it’s not the best choice. It could be cool, but not really. To be fair: never judge a make-up before color correction. If you see production stills of 300, Gerard Butler & Co. look like a bunch of idiots in underwear.
  3. Too Many Characters
    The fact that that we have 9 + 1 (Joker) components that are going to be introduced in this movie. Of course Deadshot, Harley Quinn and Joker will be the main characters. Which will leave Joel Kinnaman’s Rick Flagg, Jai Courtney’s Captain Boomerang and Common will be possibly the secondary, while the rest will end up to be tertiary. Also, Hugo Strange is suppose to debut in this movie, but probably this will be just a cameo.
  4. An R rating would help this movie…
    …but most likely Warner isn’t going for it. They have to pump the DCCU, and, being just the 3rd installment, they have to show the movie to as many people as possible. But a violent, bloody, twisted movie would really help the movie to succeed, at least in part, because if the story is not working now, won’t work with if the movie is R, but at least would be fun to watch. Plus, David Ayer has a good experience with 17+ movies.

However, I really like the Joker looks. I know, maybe the tattoos are a little too much, but it’s an updated and contemporary version of the character, and Leto looks to fit that kind, and, possibly, to make this version of the character iconic in its own way.

So, here’s my idea of the movie, for now. Still looking forward for the trailer.

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