Capturing Stills

Common photography seems easy, and it might be for everyday use. However, when it comes to certain days, moments or events, the best quality is essential to sculpture those special moments in our minds.

And we are here to offer exactly that.


Capture the moment.

More often than not, ceremonial's photographs portray the same old moments alongside posing stills of the participants.

While they are both important, we believe the best photos are the ones capturing the moment of happiness and joy... even if at times that means to look a little embarrassing.

Yet, those are the moments you will want to keep forever. 


Perfect for your website.

Nowadays, we all need a social media presence, but if we want to be true professionals, we need a website presenting our business the best way possible. 

Like with celebrations, we at VirtualScreen will also take the posing photos, but we feel taking stills of you at work might the best way to present yourself to your future customers. 


The beauty of living.

Whether it is a hotel, an Airbnb listing, a house for rent, or a property for sale, the first call always comes because of the beautiful photos on the online listing.

While it may look like the least creative photography type, thanks to competition capturing real estate now require more thought than ever before.

We at VirtualScreen Production vow to make your beautiful property as a must-see for those who visit its page on the website.  



Make people crave for your product. 

In 2019, selling on the internet has become a must for both business and privates. 

A lot of times, your items fail to pick up steam because of stills that are too by-the-book. 

At VirtualScreen we promise to take the best and most detailed photos so that the customers will crave them.