At Your Service

At VirtualScreen Production we offer different services to suit most needs.

Short Films

You want to make a short film? Whether it's a student film, a work for festivals or for the web, we are here to make your vision turn into a reality.


Music Videos

Whether you want a one-of-a-kind music video, a narrative one, or simply you and your band playing and singing the song, we are going to help you bring to life a video that will struck your fun in awe.


A commercial needs to be memorable and selling something at the same time. At VS Productions we will help you create a unique video ad that will be stuck in the viewer's mind.


More often than not, corporate videos are a boring set of information delivered with no emotion. While we still understand that information delivery is still the main goal of these videos, VS Productions will help you create something to impress your clients.

We also offer standalone Editing and/or Writing services!